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CCPM will keep your lawn healthy year-round with lawn treatment services. Using quality fertilizer and taking a hands-on approach to lawn weed control, we'll make sure that your lawn in Loveland, CO is immaculate.

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3 reasons we don't use chemicals on your weeds

3 reasons we don't use chemicals on your weeds

CCPM is the company to turn to for lawn treatment services in Loveland, CO. We use fertilizer to keep your lawn healthy and to prevent weed growth. We don't use weed-killing chemicals on your yard. Whatever weeds you do have, we'll remove by hand.

Here are the primary reasons we don't like to use weed-killing chemicals:

  1. Weed-killing herbicides can harm local wildlife.
  2. The chemicals can eventually get into your drinking water.
  3. The chemicals kill the weeds but don't remove them after they've died.

Plus, they don't always get to the root of the weeds. In many cases, new weeds will sprout up from the old weed within a couple of weeks. We'll make sure to get every last weed from your yard.

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